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Courier fraud Jan 2021 1


Arbed am Byth have been appointed by the Welsh Government to arrange the installation of energy efficiency measures, like central heating or insulation in homes across Wales as part of the Welsh Government Warm Homes scheme.
The aim of the scheme is to install appropriate energy efficiency measures in properties across Wales, to help people who are struggling to effectively heat their home.
Please click on the link below to find out more:http://www.arbedambyth.wales/eng/home.html



DC Gareth Jordan from Dyfed Powys Police states that they have become aware of fake Royal Mail notifications being sent out via email…

The scam involves an email which claims Royal Mail has tried to deliver a parcel - and then asks you to pay £1.99 to arrange redelivery.
The style of the email and the low fee makes the scam appear legitimate. It may look similar to the below – (they do differ)

The email directs you to an official-looking page where you will be asked to give away your bank details.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Forward the email to report@phishing.gov.uk

(this reporting service is run by the National Cyber Security Centre and aims to take down fake websites)


  • Anybody who receives an email claiming to be from the Royal Mail must remember that they will never be asked to pay a redelivery fee.
  • Never input your bank or card information after following a link on any emails that claims it is from the Royal Mail, because it will result in your card details being stolen by criminals.
  • If you have reason to believe that you may have been tricked, it is essential that you contact your bank and cancel your card at once, additionally check your statements for any signs of unauthorised transactions.
  • If you have been the victim of a payment scam, report it to your local police.


Warning – Fake phone calls to residents pretending to be from the Police!

· We have been notified by Dyfed Powys Police that criminals pretending to be Police officers are calling residents and trying to carry out what is known as ‘Courier Fraud’… this could be happening in the rest of Wales too

· They phone you to tell you about fraudulent activity on your bank card, but then start asking you for personal information or even your PIN to verify who you are.

· They may try to offer you peace of mind by having someone pick up your bank card from you to save you the trouble of having to go to your bank or local police station (Courier).

  • These callers are criminals who will try gain your trust by making you think they are police officers.
  • Do not engage in conversation with them.
  • Do not allow them to arrange collection of bank cards.
  • Put the phone down.
  • Block the number they called from.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours about this scam
  • Report it to your local police force by contacting them via their online webpage or 101

Remembrance Service - We Will Remember Them

Remembrance Service Recording

Please note if you click the link before the scheduled time (10.00am, 8th November 2020), you will see the image with “Video Unavailable”. It’s not broken, it will remain private until the scheduled time. Thank you.

Message From the Mayor

As our pupils return to their schools this week, let's all wish them the very best in their studies and hope they can now safely enjoy being with their friends and teachers again.

The Mayor Cllr S Jones-Roberts

The Mayor's interview with Good Morning Britain

The Mayor of Abergele, Cllr Shirley Jones-Roberts being interviewed on Good Morning Britain this morning, about ITV's I'm a Celebrity programme coming to Abergele. She would like to see George Clooney, who would you like to see?

VJ Day - 75th Anniversary Commemoration

The Mayor Cllr Shirley Jones-Roberts laying a wreath at the cenotaph, St Michael's Church

The Deputy Mayor Cllr Alan Hunter laying a wreath at the cenotaph, St George Church.

VJ Day - 75th Anniversary Commemoration

The Mayor Cllr. Shirley Jones-Roberts will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph at St. Michael’s Parish Church tomorrow 15th August to commemorate the end of the war against Japan 75 years ago. A wreath will be laid at St. George by the Deputy Mayor.

There are still families in our community whose parents/grandparents fought in this terrible conflict and we must never forget what these brave people suffered and endured.

The Instrument of Surrender was signed on September 2nd. 1945, on the American battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

National Eisteddfod Bardic Chair

In July of this year, the 1899 National Eisteddfod Bardic Chair returned to it’s home town of Abergele, was offered to and gratefully received by Abergele Town Council.

The Council was contacted by a lady in South Wales, Mrs. Kita Williams, who offered the chair to the safe custody of the Council and will now proudly stand in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.

Now 121 years old, the chair was designed and made by a local man, John Richard Ellis JP, a carpenter and author of the famous local book ‘A History of Abergele and District’.

The chair was apparently never awarded as a prize at the National Eisteddfod in South Wales in 1899 but awarded at another related competition within the Eisteddfod circle.

The chair then disappeared and little is known about it for about 80 years until it was found on a skip of rubble from a recently demolished YMCA Hostel at St. Athan in South Wales by Mrs Kita Williams. The family cherished and looked after this piece of history for 40 years. The chair was used as a piece of furniture and followed the family from house to house and even to a public house as the family moved around Wales and the South of England with work. 40 years later It was back in Newport and still with Kita, the chair was offered to Abergele Town Council and has been gratefully accepted.

Cllr. Andrew Wood, Abergele Town Council was able to collect the chair during a business trip.

A fitting end to the journey of this chair is that the creator of the chair, JR Ellis had lived at Berthtopic, Rhuddlan Road, Abergele, many years later Cllr. Wood’s family owned the same property.

It would be nice to know where the chair was for the missing 80 years of it’s journey until it was found. If anyone can help fill in the missing time line, please contact the Town Hall 01745 833242.

The picture shows The Mayor, Cllr. Shirley Jones-Roberts receiving the Bardic Chair on behalf of Abergele Town Council with Cllr. Andrew Wood who kindly retrieved the chair.

Abergele Town Council Public Participation at Council Meetings

At one of the last meetings before the Covid 19 lockdown it was agreed by the Council that a new section will be added to the Full Council Agenda each month for the Community to raise any questions with members of the Council directly. This will commence at the first Full Council meeting following the Annual Meeting on Thursday 22nd October, 2020. If you would like to ask a question please contact the Town Clerk on 01745 833242 or email info@abergele-towncouncil.co.uk with details of what you would like to raise (this will give the Council an opportunity to be able to gather information and/or ensure that the appropriate Council is able to update you. The slot is time limited and therefore will be allocated on a first come basis, please see the attached guidance notes.

Please note that for the foreseeable future the Council are only meeting via Zoom and the Clerk will issue you with the relevant passcodes for access to the meeting.

Abergele Town Council Protocol for Public Sessions

Message from the Town Mayor

During the last few weeks there have been an incredible amount of volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to pick up litter around our town, our parks and along the promenade at Pensarn. I'm sure my fellow Councillors would like to join me in thanking them all for their efforts in helping to keep our town and community tidy. It's wonderful to know these residents take so much pride in our town.
Please remember to keep safe while doing this and thank you once again.
Cllr. Shirley Jones-Roberts , Town Mayor.

Ascension Day Service 21 May 2020 11:00am


75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

Over the weekend the community of Abergele was decorated with pockets of bunting at various parts of the town and Town Hall. Whilst all of the many celebrations organised had to be cancelled, residents carefully celebrated the occasion in the safety of their homes and gardens. The Mayor invited residents to send in their VE Day photos celebrating the event from their gardens and primary school children were invited to colour VE Day posters. Prizes were awarded to the winners.

Whilst observing social distancing, a short film was made at the Cenotaph in St Michael’s Church Abergele, of The Mayor Cllr. Shirley Jones-Roberts laying a wreath. The Rev. Kate Johnson gave a short, moving service and Mr Carl Bishop attended representing the RBL as Standard Bearer. A wreath had also been laid by the RBL.

The Mayor also went to pay her respects at the War Memorial at St. George.

(The film can be viewed on the Abergele Channel on YouTube)


Ellie and Harry Robinson pictured with their posters and certificates from the Mayor's VE Day competition held earlier in May.

Mayor’s Competition

Thank you for sending your entries in for the Mayor's Competition, we received many lovely photographs and coloured in posters to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, which made the judging a challenge. The Mayor with the assistance of the Deputy Mayor is now delighted to announce :

The O'Hanlon family are the winner for the best Stay at Home Garden Party photograph.

There were two sets of joint winners for the Poster Colouring Competitions:

Joseph and Lilia Parker and Ellie and Harry Robinson.

Nansi Lloyd Williams was awarded an extra smaller prize for her entry.

Thank you to all that took part. I hope you enjoy viewing these winning photographs.

Cllr Shirley Jones-Roberts

Town Mayor

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