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About Abergele Town Council

Prior to 1974, Abergele was an Urban District Council in the historic county of Denbighshire. Abergele Town Council was created in 1974 following the re-organisation of local government and the disbanding of Abergele Urban District Council. At the time of re-organisation in 1974, the area covered by Abergele Town Council included Llanddulas and Rhydyfoel in the west, and Towyn and Kinmel Bay in the east.

Following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales, the area covered by Abergele Town Council was divided into three new communities in 1983 – Llanddulas and Rhydyfoel, Towyn and Kinmel Bay, and Abergele. Since 1996, Abergele has been one of 33 community councils in the new County of Conwy. It has the status of a town council with a town mayor.

Abergele has a population of 10,577 (2011 Census) and for local government purposes the town is divided into four wards. The town has 16 councillors representing the following wards – Gele (6 councillors), Pensarn (3), Pentre Mawr (6), St George (1). The present councillors were elected in May 2017 to serve a five year term.

The Council at its Annual Meeting in May elects a Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The Town Mayor receives an allowance to cover the costs involved in undertaking civic duties. Councillors receive no payment for their time, but may claim reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, such as travelling outside of the town council area. The Council currently employs three members of staff; the Town Clerk, a part-time administrative assistant and a caretaker / cleaner.

Abergele Town Council usually meets twice every month, except during August. Meetings are held at the Town Hall, Llanddulas Road, Abergele and are usually on the first and third Thursday each month commencing at 6.45pm. Please refer to the 'Council Meetings and Agenda' page for the dates of forthcoming meetings.

The Council is obliged to adopt a Publication Scheme and provide details of the information which is routinely available to the public. Please use the following links to view the current publication scheme and a summary of the information available.

Further details on the work of the Town Council are available from the Town Clerk:

Mandy Evans, Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Annual Report 2022 2023 (pdf)

Download Annual Report 2022 2023

Model Publication Scheme (pdf)

Download Model Publication Scheme

Information Available (pdf)

Download Information Available

Freedom Of Information Form (pdf)

Download Freedom Of Information Form

Freedom Of Information (pdf)

Download Freedom Of Information

120618 Atc Privacy Policy (pdf)

Download 120618 Atc Privacy Policy

120618 Atc Privacy Notice (pdf)

Download 120618 Atc Privacy Notice

040116 Access To Information (pdf)

Download 040116 Access To Information

Biodiversity Report 2022 (pdf)

Download Biodiversity Report 2022

Abergele Financial Regulations 2019 approved 2020 (pdf)

Download Abergele Financial Regulations 2019 approved 2020

ATC Approved Standing Orders 2019 amended 2022 (pdf)

Download ATC Approved Standing Orders 2019 amended 2022

Code of Conduct approved adopted 2016 (pdf)

Download Code of Conduct approved adopted 2016


Mission Statement

As a democratic voice for the communities of Abergele, the Council will work towards securing a sustainable and economically vibrant future and a society which is healthy, safe and socially inclusive.


  • To promote and represent the community’s views
  • To serve those who live and work in Abergele and those who visit the town
  • To enhance the historic and cultural heritage of Abergele and safeguard its natural and built environment
  • To work in partnership with all other bodies, whether statutory, public, private, voluntary or community in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of its community and to promote the town in an active and positive manner

To achieve this, Abergele Town Council has agreed the following Aims

  • To consult with the community to establish its aspirations for the future
  • To promote the vitality and viability of Abergele
  • To encourage and participate in partnership and agency working with the public, private and voluntary sectors to achieve quality services in all areas for the betterment of Abergele and its residents and visitors
  • To promote sustainable policies that strive to improve the environment to meet the needs of residents and visitors for both the present and future
  • To help create a socially inclusive and caring community that embraces all residents and which seeks to develop their well being, knowledge and understanding and mutual co-operation
  • To strive for pleasant, clean and safe environment
  • To deliver quality services that provide value for money and to review those services on a regular basis
  • To support local voluntary groups that seek to assist residents and visitors to Abergele

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