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Planning & Licensing


The Town Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications for development taking place in the Abergele area. Copies of planning applications are received from Conwy County Borough Council and considered by the Council twice a month at its Ordinary and General Purposes & Planning Committee meetings. Please refer to the Agenda of the forthcoming meetings for details of the applications to be considered. Details of the applications considered at past meetings, including the comments of the Council, can be found in Schedule ‘A’ at the end of the Minutes.

It should be noted that it is Conwy County Borough Council who has the statutory power to decide planning applications, not the Town Council.

To view the weekly list of planning applications or fortnightly list of planning decisions, issued by the County Borough Council, click here.

For information and advice on making a planning application, or to download the application forms, click here.


Under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003, the Town Council is not a statutory consultee and it can only submit representations on licensing matters when requested to do so by persons who live in the immediate vicinity of the premises to which the application relates. Notices must be displayed at the premises and published in the local press to inform neighbours that a licensing application has been submitted.

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